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The Design Code© Brand Author, Sara Summers, is a pioneering lifestyle and wellbeing expert.

She has worked in interior design and lifestyle consulting and coaching for 30 years. Her books heal and empower through a hybrid approach to design and wellness.

Sara has interior designed large-scale homes for wealthy clients and prestigious developers, as well as working behind the scenes for celebrity names and show homes featured on TV. She has consulted for interior, lifestyle and fashion companies, both in the UK and internationally, including Boots and Diageo. Sara has been awarded The Wall Street Journal Woman of Note title and has contributed to magazines, including Marie Claire and The Robb Report.

Sara is passionate about people reaching their full potential and runs transformative life coaching programmes.

She has worked in person and been mentored by the late Louise L Hay in San Diego and more recently by Mary Morrisery. Sara has created the life coaching programmes that we run with Design Code© certified trained coaches.

Sara’s own story is an inspirational journey, and it’s this approach, based on a 30-year healing and empowerment journey, that is what she promotes across multiple platforms and modalities. Sara was homeless at 15, but turned her life around in her 20’s and built a personal property portfolio.

Sara’s design clients include high net worths, visionaries, philanthropists and activists. It is this life experience, combined with her coaching training, that gives her a hybrid and unique perspective into rearranging your paradigm, and how consciously designing your environment can lead to brilliant success.

The Design Code© is a multi-media platform. It is sustainable and ethically responsible, blending pioneering wellbeing and lifestyle design practices. The Design Code© is curating a 360 experience of the brand, and offers a series of products and services under the LOA name, implementing the dynamic Universal Law of Attraction principles.

These sustainable, recycled and re-usable collections include non-fiction books, affirmation card decks, sustainable stationery and homewares.

All a prescription to wellbeing, these are designed specifically to heal and empower people, and our planet, through redefining interior design from the inside-out.